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World Record | Cenotes | Riviera Maya | Labnaha

World Record | Cenotes | Riviera Maya | Labnaha


World Record

by Sergio Granucci.

It is just a number!!... That was my thought when I watched my pressure gauge and I saw that it was approaching on my pressure return point and it still was a little line left in my exploration spool and more cave to explore!. Behind, Carl was left behind; he was incharge of recording all our expedition to document the new discovered places, Pep my exploration companion with whom I explored a big number of caves had also turned back due to his return pressure, and my stage was with 1500 pounds from about 1000 meters of where i was.

The bottom time (time that represents the maximum depth reached) surpassed the 100 minutes and the cave outside appeared as if it were a great castle which never ends.

Left behind were years of attempting to break the record of trench line laying in a single dive.

World Record

"What makes it difficult ???"

Many factors make it difficult, one of them is the cave in itself, managing to find themain tunnel and to follow it in one diving with open circuit is not as simple as it seems.

However on the 28 of June of 2004 everything seemed different.

In the last days we had explored an average of 1000 meters by diving in passages with beautiful decorations, that very few divers of caves have been able to see.

I watched my pressure gauge and the needle indicated 2000 pounds, the line was finishing, bottom time 110 minutes, distances 1500 meters, I tied the line to a formation, I removed an arrow, I placed it and when watched my pressure gauge again marked 1950 pounds and 1700 meters until the exit, I thought... it is just a number!!... and I began to raise the survey.

The return was calm just stopping to raise the future information for the map of the cave

200 minutes and I see the end of the line, I think... it’s just a number!!...

World Record
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