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is a company specializing in technical and commercial diving relying on its most important value to the experiences of its members in the different areas that we develop our activities.

Although the certifications don’t have an important value at the time to demonstrate experience, they DO have it when doing the activities where at times the regulations demand it. Anyway our point of view is that what really matters is the acquired experience with the practices and also with the acquired knowledge you could have with a professional. To us the most important thing is the transmitted knowledge and not the received certification you will have at the end of the course.

The amount of diving’s isn’t important neither cause they are not an accreditation, what it matters is the quality of them.


Sergio Granucci


German, Spanish, English, Italian


4000 Cave Divings
400 Divings with Side Mount
200 Divings with Scooter
700 Divings with Stage
600 Gas Mixture Divings


Full cave instructor


Nitrox Instructor
Advanced Nitrox Instructor
Technical Instructor
Advanced Trimix Instructor
Nitrox Mixer Instructor
Trimix Mixer Instructor
Cave techical Instructor
Scooter instructor
Side Mount instructor
Stage instructor
Survey Instructor
Nitrox trainer instructor
Blender nitrox trainer instructor
Blender Trimix trainer instructor


Nitrox instructor
Advanced Nitrox Instructor
Range Extended Instructor
Advanced Trimix Instructor
Blender Trimix Instructor
Cave Instructor


Idc Staff
Professional Lifeguard by the International Red Cross
Member of the Press Circle in Uruguay


Pep LLinares

Commercial Diver

Cut and Weld
Floating repairs
Repair of dams
Hydraulic Work
Specialist in hiperbátics facilities
Operator of hyperbaric chambe
Technical cave diver
Trimix Diver
Nitrox Instructor
GPS Specialist
Underwater Photographer


Pep Llinares y Sergio Granucci


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Cave Courses

Guided Dive Excursions



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