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Eco park and Cenote Exploration | Cenotes | Snorkeling | Labnaha

Eco park and Cave Exploration | Cenotes | Snorkeling | Labnaha


LabnaHa Eco park - Cenote Playa del Carmen-Things to do in Playa del Carmen

Labnaha’s Eco park called the Magic Mayan World is exclusively open for small guided groups. This Park offers different activities surrounded by an exuberant jungle and a subterranean world that is very apropiate same for families or couples than for persons that look for extreme sports.

Experience a unforgettable descend on 3 zip lines that can be used for kids of all ages.Cenotes Labnaha has special harnesses for all ages!!! The last one leads you into the most spectacular Kayac traverse in the area. Refresh yourself afterwards in the Cenote Labnaha on a once a life time snorkel tour. Labnaha operates only with small groups and counts with a visitor limit per day to avoid mass tourism and the negative impact on the Eco system which allows you to enjoy without being surrounded by hundreds of people. Labnaha makes a big effort trying to teach how to enjoy this Magic Mayan World in full terms without destroying it.

All activities are conducted with highly qualified and professionally trained guides, that adapts the tours to the skills of the visitors.

The three visited Cenotes (or more upon request) are connected by Eco paths guided through theme paths with explanations and names of the local flora and fauna in the park.

The entrance fees are used to protect a great variety of animals and trees in danger of extinction because of the ecological changes in the Riviera Maya caused by extensive constructions in the area and to provide funds to 3 Mayan small villages as well as to fund the yearly expedition of the Exploration Team of Labnaha.

Top things to do in Playa del Carmen

We provide private tours upon request.Those can be adapted to your schedule.Private tours for families or persons that do not want to share their experience with other groups. You can choose which activities you want to do making the tour shorter or longer, easy or extreme.

Age is not a limiting factor since the activities adapt depending on the exigencies and possibilities of the visitor.

"Best things to do in Playa del Carmen when it's raining or the weather is bad"

On the few occasions when the weather isn't playing along, there is still plenty for you to do at Labnaha. Cenotes Labnaha is one of the few ALL WEATHER activities in Playa del Carmen. Do not waste one of your vacation days seated at the hotel. Rainy days , stormy days, cloudy days can be optimized by doing one or more activities at Labnaha. We combine cave activities and open air activities in order to enjoy rainy or cloudy days.

Inside of the caves the atmosphere is extremely comfortable.There is a water temperature of 78°F (25°C) and the air of the cave is around 82°F(28°C). The level of the water is not affected by the amount of rain in the area. The water of the cenote remain clear even in hard storms,opposite than in other cenotes where it gets blurry and silty, making difficult the water activities







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Things to do in Playa del Carmen

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