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The best cavern tour in the Riviera Maya | Snorkeling | Labnaha

The best cavern tour in the Riviera Maya | Snorkeling | Labnaha


The best cavern tour in the RIVIERA MAYA

Cenote Dive is a guided tour of a cavern in an overhead environment.

Stalactites, stalagmites and water and are taken to a world frozen in time ...10, 000 years ago. Blue light streaming from the entry softens the surreal setting of stalactites, stalagmites, and sacrificial Mayan pottery. Most are surprised by the size of the passages. At all times, divers will be in large areas and will see light from the entrance as penetrations are never more than 200 ft / 60 m from the open water. Words cannot fully describe the two offered dives.

We require all divers to be open water certified. Our guides are minimum Full Cave Certified, Open Water Instructors and equipped with full cave diving gear. Lights are required by all divers. The average temperature of the crystal clear cenote water (fresh water) is 77°F- 25°C. Cenote Diving is best during the morning hours. This leaves the afternoon open for the an unforgettable Mayan BBQ, after that the most spectacular Dry Cave traverse and Zip Line experience in the Riviera Maya located right next to it.

The Labnaha cavern tours are conducted in the System Labnaha which is reserved only for Labnaha clients. This guaranties your private cavern experience without being surrounded by hundreds of divers.

Since our daily limit allows max. two groups with max four divers per guide.

The Cenote Labnaha allows the divers to check their equipment, practice their communication and buoyancy skills in its large open water area. This prepares the divers for the most amazing cavern tours ever seen which just resonantly opened to the public. Stalactites and stalagmites are still practically untouched and very well preserved.



  • transportation from and back to the hotel,
  • multilingual guide
  • tanks
  • weights
  • lights
  • entrance fees to the Labnaha Eco park
  • Dry Cave traverse
  • Zip Line
  • Mayan BBQ and Soft Drinks.

Cavern dive

Cavern dive

Cavern dive

Cavern dive


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