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Expeditions | Cenotes | Snorkeling | Labnaha

Expeditions | Cenotes | Snorkeling | Labnaha



Expedition Gallery

The unique Eco System around the Cenotes offers the practically untouched Jungle as well many different Plants, Animals and Insects a perfect habitat.

Flora & Fauna

offers you this live time experience to get to know, enjoy and dive this magnificent places.

Where we realize those expeditions:

In the Labnaha Park also known as a . We count with a Main Camp, Kitchen, Ecological Bathrooms, Showers, Generators to provide steady electricity, a Compressor which let’s you dive and dive without leaving the jungle, and much more..

Which activities are realized during an expedition?


The main activity is Cave Diving or Snorkeling, but this is an excellent place to extend your diving or snoekeling horizon and exchange knowledge and experiences. Staying day and night in the jungle brings everybody closer to mother nature and teaches to how to live in “Pure Nature”.

In many Expeditions are not only diving skills required. Many dive sites are remote or difficult to reach the surface, that’s why basic rappel techniques and orientation in the jungle are a must.

All this can be learned in our Expeditions. Who has does basic skills and the required equipment can always improve and extend the skills and techniques under our supervision.

The Pit Cenote

The Pit

We also realize expeditions to "The Pit" (famous for it's depth) the access isn't too easy, looks more like the entrances of the most common caves in the north of Yucatan which are very different compared to the typical cave entrances of Q.Roo.

For further information please contact us per e-mail or go to our contact page.

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