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Bacterial System

by Sergio Granucci.

This system that was explored by the equipment of has also unique particularities, one of these particularities is the great amount of fauna that lives in the cave, so is so that it has not been seen in any of the systems explored in the area before. The Independent University of Mexico is conducting, with , studies into this unique fauna.

Caves Bacterias

Also the biologist Thomas Alifede from the University of Galveston, Texas was removing some samples and he found a new species of crustacean, the studies will be continued during the course of the year.

Cave Bacteria

One of the objectives of is to collaborate with Universities and Foundations which are dedicated to the study of the fauna and flora that live in the underground systems and of which we have little information due to the fact that many species are completely new to the human eye.


makes ecological studies of fauna and flora underneath the water and also outside of it with different campings in the jungle where it is easier to be able to observe and to study these species without been influenced ,until now, by the human species.

One of the main objectives of is to be able to protect the ecological surroundings of the underground systems as well as to be able to protect these systems against the uncontrolled advance of the man.

respects the nature in all its forms as well as respect for ancestral culture. The Mayans were the first people to inhibit this area and often left apart.


The exploration group of learned that Mayan communities in this area are the true guardians of the nature since they live in these surroundings in harmony with it from unmemorable times, and for that reason they are the true teachers in everything that concerns us about the coexistence with nature

To learn of these is one of the biggest objectives that the equipment of exploration of has, because, nowadays we are in a society in complete decaying respect to the surroundings in which we live. A lot of people don’t respect them at all.


has a good relationship with the Mayan communities based on respect and also to be able to learn from these communities, values that our society has already lost long time ago.

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